Language courses

Learn a foreign language with the Language Course that best suits your needs.

Here you can find our courses, all of which can be customized! We remind you that the types of courses listed below are for English as well as many other languages: Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Italian for non native speakers and others, on request.

Courses for Companies

Our teaching focuses on your needs, allowing you to obtain the best possible results. The dialogue between the teacher and the students leads to a fast and fruitful learning process.

Choose the type of course that best suits your company:

  • Individual or group courses
  • Business or general English
  • At your company, at our school or online
  • We provide training credits for professional associations
  • Financed with inter-professional funds

Individual Courses

Our most customizable courses. They are created around the specific needs of the student: their availability, level of language and profession. The standard didactics are enhanced through customization and the courses offer a high level of privacy thanks to direct dialogue

Group Courses

We organize group courses for three or more people who wish to learn a language. The teacher, who always follows the Best English method, teaches the students according to their level and learning abilities. These courses are great for socializing and experiencing direct dialogue with both the teacher and the other students.

Courses for two

The advantages of this type of course are its good value and customization. It is ideal for two students who wish to learn a language together, starting from the same level. In this case, too, the course can be customized and the teaching method is based on direct dialogue with the teacher, who will find the best teaching method for both students.

Courses for children and teenagers

We offer individual and group courses, using learn-by-playing and learn-by-doing approaches. Your children will learn while having fun and they will be stimulated and encouraged to actively participate in exciting classroom activities. Our teachers will create conditions in which memorizing information and concepts is easy and fun, thanks to a relaxed, non competitive atmosphere and no emphasis on a final mark.

The activities will be playful and interactive, because they are aimed at improving oral communication, the real goal of learning a foreign language (which perhaps is less emphasized in public schools?).

Like all our offers, these courses, too, can be customized to meet the specific needs of your children.

Courses for schools

Do you want to give the students of your school an additional opportunity to practice their language skills and invest in their future?

You can choose to activate a language course to allow them to prepare for and obtain a language certificate such as Flyers, Pet, First, IELTS, etc. or you can give them the opportunity to take part in an After-School Language Course, the length of which can vary according to your students’ needs and which can take place directly at your institution; our teachers can come to your school.

On top of that we also give you the possibility to do a lecture programme for the whole school year, with a teachers who is always a native speaker.

Financed courses

Language courses of various levels listed in the F.C.I. (Formazione Continua Individuale) catalogue aiming at facilitating continuous training of employees with contributions from the European Social Fund, the State and the Region.

Free courses

The FCI group courses are free where the ISEE is lower than 10.000€

Language stay in Italy and abroad

Do you want to go abroad to improve the language you are studying? We will give you all the information you need for your stay and offer you a training and study course that is high-quality and safe. Our consultation is free, we check the quality of the proposed facilities first-hand and we leave you in the hands of reliable professionals to accompany you or your children to the chosen destination.

School and Vacation

Happy Baby

Free online conversation groups

You will find a qualified teacher and a group of friends to chat with for one hour - in English.

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Finanziamenti agevolati

Offriamo un'opportunità unica per accedere a finanziamenti agevolati che consentono di coprire i costi di un corso di lingue.

Grazie a questa iniziativa, potrete acquisire competenze linguistiche essenziali per il vostro percorso professionale.

Il nostro programma di formazione, tenuto da insegnanti altamente qualificati, offre una solida base di conoscenze linguistiche e una pratica pratica mirata. Investire nella vostra crescita linguistica vi consentirà di comunicare con fiducia e successo in un ambiente internazionale, aprirà nuove opportunità di carriera e vi posizionerà al di sopra della concorrenza.

Approfittate di questa possibilità di sviluppo professionale e raggiungete i vostri obiettivi linguistici.

finanziamenti agevolati corsi di inglese


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