Courses for Private Clients

Teaching and customization. From individual to group courses, we pay special attention to the needs of our client. We give people what they are looking for: flexible schedules, teaching based on language level, the right approach to learning, at-home or in-office lessons. With us you not only study languages, you learn them.


Courses for Companies

Learning a language to be able to use it well in your job: Courses are also customized for companies and can take place at our school or the client’s workplace. From group to individual courses, from contract and catalogue translations to consultancy: that is how the corporate world learns languages.

Exam Preparation Courses

Learning a language goes through certifications. We prepare adults and children so they can undergo the various levels of language knowledge based on the courses proposed at an international level. English, French, German, Spanish, Italian for foreigners: our native or qualified teachers are prepared to get you to think properly in order to learn in a customized way.

Study Abroad Programs

Want to go abroad to improve the language you're studying? We can give you all the necessary information for your stay so as to provide a safe and qualified study abroad program. We also provide free consulting services, we personally check the School and Vacation catalog structures that we work with in order to help you get the best experience for you.


Best English is not just a school that offers many educational programs for students of all ages, but rather, it is an English, French, German, Spanish and Italian for foreigners' school, which is based on a specific teaching method.

The "Best English Method" used by our qualified native teachers is the right mix between teaching and personalization. We pay special attention to the needs of our clients and their business sector.

Not only do you study languages, you learn them consciously. Whether it be for school, work, exam preparations or study abroad programs, we can help you customize the study program that best suits your goals, respecting your timetable and your real needs.

We offer a free analysis of course aims designed for classroom or professional needs. We will program a course for you based on the number of participants, time availability and financial budget. You can take an evaluation test to check the current level of your target language.

Learn Languages With Us

Language courses for English, French, German, Spanish without leaving out Italian for foreigners. Learning languages in our school means taking a path where the teacher customizes your study program based on your needs thanks to a direct approach that joins our teaching method to your way of learning a new language.

Our School

At the Best English language school, we try to make our guests feel at home, in an elegant and bright atmosphere. Experience and expertise go hand-in-hand with friendliness and the will to welcome people in an international atmosphere to teach a foreign language in the right way.

The Method

Best English: here you learn a language in a conscious way. Both the student and teacher set out a working relationship, built around every person's the needs and level of foreign language they wish to learn. Our method is not a standardized one, but rather a customized one that takes into account several factors for more effective learning.

Customers & Partners



Individual Courses

These courses are the most customizable. They are created based on the actual needs of the client: time availability of the student, level of target language proficiency, profession. The standard teaching is combined with personalization and the courses offer a high level of privacy thanks to a direct dialogue between the teacher and the student during lessons.


A one-day course, where you deal with a certain topic, open to people who have different language levels. They are recommended to those who want to deepen their language training in specific situations that could arise during work or everyday life.

Semi-individual Courses

Low-cost and customization are the highlights of this type of course, ideal for two friends, couples, spouses, colleagues who want to learn a language together, starting from the same language level. Also in this case the course can be customized and the teaching method is based on direct dialogue with the teacher who finds the most appropriate method for the two students.

One to One Courses

This type of course is the true expression of a foreign language which is studied at ana corporate level. The dialogue between the teacher and the student leads to a direct and profitable educational development. The is the right investment to get your money's worth and truly appreciate a language. The end result is guaranteed.

Group Courses

These courses are organized when three or more people have the need to improve their knowledge of a language. The teacher, always following the Best English method, prepares the students according to their level of knowledge and to their learning ability. These courses allow for greater socialization and a direct interaction with classmates and teacher.



Da anni la Best English offre il servizio di traduzione precisa ed effettuata in base al settore di mercato relativa a contratti, cataloghi, lettere commerciali, curriculum. Per aziende e privati.